An Edgy Bristol Salon

A “Blind Tiger” is another name for a Speakeasy which is an illicit establishment that sells alcoholic beverages. Speakeasies largely disappeared after Prohibition ended, and the term is now often used to describe retro style bars, and now a funky hair salon for ladies and gents. The Blind Tiger will not hold back. There will be a vibrant, alternative, colourful and irresistable vibe without losing the laid-back appeal of a hair salon. It will be a space for like-minded people to kick back, swig a local brew, have a good chin-wag while being made to look fabulous.

A straight-forward, no-nonsense ‘form follows function’ layout will provide ease in communication, movement and process. Whilst maintaining a functional working environment, the layout facilitates conversation between all who enter the space. The bar and the parlour, are as much utilised by the hairdressers and barbers, as the clients themselves. The concrete panelled walls serve as giant revolving canvases for local artists. Comfort and eye-catching materials have been considered throughout.

LocationBristol, UKTeamVictoria Morley, Morley Mountain Homes (Owner/Interior Designer)Year2020StatusConcept